Addressing the need of transdisciplinary studies has become an important education agenda in many countries globally especially during fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0). Transdisciplinary is operationally defined as beyond all the disciplines connected by a unifying issue. This overarching term includes all aspects of education and research studies denoting a spectrum of ‘Learning Transdisciplinary Science integrating Mathematics, Arts-Reading-Language-Culture, Engineering-Environmental Education-Economics-Entrepreneurship/ Technology’ or also known as LearnT-SMArET model. This model aims at solving real life problems with a focus on inquiry in the ‘new normal’. New normal is a state in which an economy and societies are differed from the prevailing situation prior to the start of the crisis e.g. a pandemic, creating new ways to live, interact with others, study and work especially following a crisis with technology integration. Examining the content/context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more closely can also help to understand the vast impact of education to develop sustainable communities in the ‘new normal’